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Question 2. A particle has mass m and charge +q and is travelling with speed v through a vacuum. The initial direction of travel is parallel to the plane of two charged horizontal metal plates, as shown in Fig. 6.1. Fig.

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A particle of mass m carrying charge q is projected with velocity v

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A particle with mass m and charge q is placed between two parallel metal plates. The two plates have a potential difference V and are separated by a distance d. The force of gravity on the particle is negligible. Which one of the following statements is NOT correct? A. The acceleration of the particle is proportional to qV. B. In Newtonian mechanics, linear momentum, translational momentum, or simply momentum (pl. momenta) is the product of the mass and velocity of an object. It is a vector quantity, possessing a magnitude and a direction.velocity 10 radians/s. Take g= 10 m/s. Find the value of c. 21.A 5 V supply is across a series combination of a Si diode, a Ge diode and a 100 resistor. Find the power dissipated in the resistor. 22.A point like charge Q = 10 Cis split into two charges Q 1 Cand (Q Q 1) C. What should be the magnitude of Q

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Electrons carry a negative charge of a particular value in coulombs. 2. Electric charge is the physical attribute of the body that causes it to experience a force when located in an electric or a magnetic field. Electron is a stable light subatomic particle with a charge, found in all atoms, acts as primary carrier of electricity in conductors. 3. When first noticed the balloon is at an altitude of H = 800 m and moving vertically upward at a constant velocity of v b = 5 m/s. It is D = 1600 m down range. Shells fired from the gun have an initial velocity of v 0 = 400 m/s at a fixed angle q (sin q = 3/5 and cos q = 4/5). The gun crew waits and fires so as to destroy the balloon.

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A charged particle traveling in the +y-direction enters a region of space that has a uniform 2 Tesla magnetic field in the +z-direction as shown in A proton moving eastward with a velocity of 5.0 x 103 m/s enters a magnetic field of 0.20 T pointing northward. What is the magnitude and direction of the...their mass-to-charge ratio: m 1321.2 2!JE When a conducting strip carrying a current i is placed in a uniform magnetic field Hall Effect: perpendicular to the direction of the current, some charge carriers (with charge e) build up on one side of the conductor, creating a Hall-effect potential difference V across the strip of width d. That is, the